The American Resident Project is a platform that enables young physician leaders to connect, share their ideas, and explore new concepts to transform the American health care system. The following are examples of their innovation.

It was 5:30 AM, and I was startled to feel the nudge of my husband’s hand on my arm while vaguely hearing the sound of my alarm going off in the background. Although I was not prepared mentally to get up for another day, I quickly jumped out of bed so as not to allow the sound to wake my sleeping daughter in the next room.
Hope. It seems like such a small word, and yet, in medicine, it has so much meaning, for both physicians and patients alike. Hope is intertwined into the very fibers of science that make medicine not drugs and procedures, but healing remedies and life-changing miracles.
As a practicing Ob/Gyn I feel lucky to be working in a field so full of promise and with space for advancement of medical technology. Although prospects of improved fetal imaging, cervical cancer prevention and techniques of minimally invasive surgery are game-changing, new discoveries in the genetics arena of our field strike me as simply incredible.
The ability to access health information via the internet is creating a generation of empowered, informed patients. While this is almost always beneficial to both patients and the patient-physician relationship, it does call for changes to traditional counseling methods.
Each day is a new day in medical discovery. We are living in a time where medicine happens so quickly it is nearly impossible to keep up with the latest discoveries.
One in 10 people on a transplant list will die before they ever have the chance to get a transplant. This translates to approximately 22 deaths each day, or almost 8,000 people each year.