Read the latest from the American Resident Project

The American Resident Project is a platform that enables young physician leaders to connect, share their ideas, and explore new concepts to transform the American health care system. The following are examples of their innovation.

Acing the Away Rotation by Dr. Marissa Camilon

  • During the fourth year of medical school, fledgling physicians are finally afforded some flexibility in their schedules. Despite this brief reprieve, it is also a critical time in the determination of each doctor’s future. The away rotations occurring during that year can reveal a lot about what is to come, in term of specialty, training programs and more. Dr. Marissa Camilon shares tips to help her fellow physicians ace their away rotations. 

5 Factors Which Alter Patient Perception by Dr. Danielle Jones

  • In this article, Dr. Danielle Jones explores patient perception of the care they receive and how that perception influences the overall quality of care.  Jones articulates five factors that comprise the perception of quality health care and advises her fellow residents on how certain behaviors on their part can significantly improve the experience of their patients. 

A Primer on Physician Burnout by Dr. Arshya Vahabzadeh

  • Burnout, according to researchers Maslach and Jackson, can be defined as “emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment.” There is a high burnout rate among physicians, a rate which seems to be on the rise still. Dr. Vahabzadeh explores the causes, effects, and possible solutions of burnout among doctors.