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There’s never been a more fascinating time to be part of the American health care system. The demand for health care services continues to grow – largely spurred by an aging population confronted with increasing incidences of chronic disease. Health reform has bolstered this demand as well, promising the potential for more meaningful access to care for millions of Americans. While new technology has the power to help reach more patients and meet their evolving health needs, the demand persists for clinicians, hospitals and payers to collaborate on new and better approaches to improve the entire care delivery system.

Now more than ever, the voice of future physician leaders is critical to help address the opportunities and challenges facing the health care system. This next generation of providers offers different perspectives and experiences to help challenge convention in the national conversation on how to improve America’s health care system. The American Resident Project is a platform for future physician leaders – medical students, residents and physicians newly in practice – to connect, explore ideas for transforming American health care delivery, and exchange these views with other health care providers and opinion leaders across the country.

Sponsored by ThinkAnthem, The American Resident Project focuses on key issues affecting today’s frontline physician workforce, including:

  • New care coordination models
  • Strategies for patient engagement
  • Innovations in health technology

Join our growing community, lend your voice and share your ideas on these and other important topics shaping the future of health care delivery in America.

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