Chicago, IL | 11.22.14

The future physician leaders that make up the American Medical Student Association are passionate about improving health care in this country, starting with the culture of medicine.

December 19
December 19
Greater genetic testing capabilities have led to a unique ethical dilemma for many physicians. Patients can now get screened for many genetic diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, but may not be interested in learning the results.
December 18
Today I'll talk about the other half of Ob/Gyn and what makes this a specialty I love from the standpoint of Gyn.
December 17
Many have started thinking that hours of lectures on facts that could soon be outdated might not be the best use of medical students’ time.
December 16
Despite the changes around us, the training of physicians has stayed much the same. Sure, there are new work hour limitations and a push to move towards competency-based assessments, but the overall structure of our training remains largely untouched.
December 12
By finding new ways to deliver the right care in the right place at the right time, new techniques can increase care quality and save lives.