St. Louis, MO | 5.1.15

The American Resident Project proudly sponsored Washington University IDEA Labs’ third annual Demo Day this May.

May 28
Innovators in health care technology gathered together at the Google headquarters in Cambridge last month to compete in the Healthcare Pilot Challenge.
May 27
During my third year of medical school I would often tell my parents about my days on the clinical wards. As physicians, they were excited that I was following in their footsteps and eager to engage me in conversation about my education as doctor-in-training.
May 25
When I first started my intern year in medicine I was excited to embrace a new set of responsibilities, but I didn’t fully appreciate how important it would be for me to be exposed to the difficult decisions that the medical team must make on a daily basis.
May 22
Every day at least 22 of our veterans commit suicide. The real number may be much higher. The impact of these deaths should not be underestimated.
May 20
A February New York Times article, entitled "How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco's Life," related how Justine Sacco, a public relations executive, lost her job and nearly her career after a lapse of judgment on Twitter became a worldwide phenomenon.
May 18
Apple made waves in the medical community when it introduced ResearchKit, an open-source framework to aid developers in creating apps geared at medical research data collection.