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April 23
Knuckle cracking: Annoying? Yes. Pleasurable? Extremely. Dangerous? I’m used to random medical questions from friends and family, but this one really got me.
April 18
This week we’re reading about the primary care system, the role of communication on teams, and new stethoscope technology.
April 18
Approximately 0.4% of the available peer-reviewed literature about social media pertains to how we doctors should use and consume social media in a responsible manner.
April 15
With the Affordable Care Act, previously uninsured patients will become insured and enter the health care system. However, the health care system currently has a shortage of physicians, especially in primary care.
April 9
The shortage of primary care physicians in the United States has been long discussed with an air of impending doom.
April 7
Earlier this year, I completed a medical rotation in Africa. I had anticipated that, given limited resources, there would be some rationale in deciding which medications and procedures would be available...