Chicago, IL | 11.22.14

The future physician leaders that make up the American Medical Student Association are passionate about improving health care in this country, starting with the culture of medicine.

October 30
Nights and calls may be a sacrifice, but one well worth it when it benefits your patients. Here are some of the tips I’ve picked up over the years.
October 28
You’ll never know how hard it truly is to be an M.D. or the sacrifices you’ll have to make until you’re actually doing it. The key is not to forget why you chose to do it.
October 23
Despite the tremendous amount of change inside and outside of medicine, the four year medical school model has remained relatively untouched. But things look like they might be changing…
October 22
There’s been a lot of hype about wearables, many of which are intended to help their wearers work out more, take their medicines on time or count their calories. But are wearables all they’re cracked up to be?
October 21
Medical students and future physicians tend to be trustworthy customers/borrowers, and the government knows that the country needs doctors. However, no one teaches us about debt in medical school.
October 20
Today we’re reading about challenges for doctor-patient communication, dual-degrees fostering a new type of physician and treating the disease verse treating the illness.