St. Louis, MO | 5.1.15

The American Resident Project proudly sponsored Washington University IDEA Labs’ third annual Demo Day this May.

June 29
As someone who is at the end of their training, it is sad but true that many residents are still trained using a Halstedian approach that can boiled down to the infamous "See one, do one, teach one."
June 24
I had an interesting conversation over the phone with my mother last week. We catch up about once a week, and I love updating her about what life is like in medical school.
June 19
AirStrip recently rocked the mobile health world in my field with its Sense4Baby device.
June 17
A few weeks ago I completed a cardiology rotation, at times during which it felt as if I was running a palliative care service.
June 15
Never think that the combined influence of physicians across the country and across specialties can't make their voice heard on Capitol Hill and have it make a difference.
June 10
Chronic pain is a health epidemic. Estimates suggest that up to a third of adults or a hundred million Americans live with chronic pain conditions that interfere with their work and life.