St. Louis, MO | 9.19.15

Washington University’s IDEA Labs and Medstro are partnering with the American Resident Project to host the Connecting to Care Challenge 2015.

July 29
Clinicians and clinicians-in-training across the world are invited to submit their ideas in the development of emotion-sensing technologies.
July 27
Are you a clinician or clinician-in-training with ideas on how emotion-sensing technologies can improve health care delivery to patients?
July 21
Calling all U.S. clinicians and clinicians-in-training: Have ideas on how to provide better medical care at lower cost?
July 13
Engineers, designers and clinicians are invited to submit their big ideas on how to improve access to medical care in medically underserved communities as part of the Connecting to Care Challenge.
July 13
Are you an engineer, designer or clinician with ideas on how to improve access to medical care?
July 10
When I started residency, I couldn't wait to moonlight and hold my first paycheck.