University of California, Davis | 10.11.14

Mark your calendars! The American Resident Project is hosting a panel at the UC Davis Pre-Medical & Pre-Health Professionals National Conference.

October 1
Patient decision aids can take many forms – audio, visual, written, etc. – and are used to help inform patients about their medical options so that they can make educated choices about treatment.
September 29
Today we’re reading about mobile health apps, med students’ pursuing careers in primary care and the withering patient-doctor relationship.
September 29
I was just grabbing last minute supplies for our trip when I received the email. “Ebola is suspected to be in Liberia. Please take this seriously.” It was the last thing I expected to hear.
September 25
My preceptor knew the patient and the mother from before, so once I was introduced he launched straight into it: “We think your son might have diabetes,” he said. “Or else he may be at very high risk.”
September 23
We typically associate a doctor’s prescription with medication, but lately doctors have been using the old Rx pad to prescribe something different – a healthier lifestyle.
September 17
Interview with Val Mentorship on the medical journey, mentors in medicine, and the best advice she has received.